Working with Gutenberg: The New WordPress Editor

18 Feb Working with Gutenberg: The New WordPress Editor

WordPress 5.0 brought a major change to users in an effort to take a substantial leap towards functionality: introducing Gutenberg. The new editor transformed the editor system to a block-based system allowing users to edit and embed a wide range of content in posts and pages, ultimately giving users a lot of flexibility. While Gutenberg has simplified the experience for the long run, users are currently experiencing some challenges and adjustments as they become accustomed to the new editor.

The Gutenberg Block Editor, which automatically updated for users, now serves as the “default post editor” for WordPress 5.0. What Gutenberg is lacking, however, is the ability to work with legacy plugins, themes, and existing site editing framework. The new editor overrides any existing visual editor that is currently installed on your website. While your website’s plug-ins and content are still there, when you visit the visual editor, it is filled with a code generated by your old visual editor.

Gutenberg has left many users in the dark to fix their broken sites, test existing plug-ins, and edit themes to work with the new editor. With over 60,000 unique plug-ins and an abundance of themes to choose from, authors had to test their own plugins to ensure their compatibility with Gutenberg. As for plug-ins and themes abandoned by their creators, users were left to test the compatibility themselves.

Many users have reported issues editing the website, accessing editing capabilities, and even accessing the site itself. WordPress has given users the ability to install Classic Editor as an aid in fixing broken websites for the time being. However, Gutenberg still remains the default editor and it is unclear how long the Classic Editor will remain accessible to users.

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