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28 May MCG is a Proud HubSpot Solutions Partner

HubSpot is one of today’s most powerful and widely used premiere software packages that offers marketing, sales, customer service, CRM, and IT services. Its robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software makes Inbound Marketing a breeze, complete with lead generation, marketing automation, and social media management to help generate leads and turn them into loyal customers. In addition, the software helps streamline a variety of processes including SEO, email marketing, and disciplined campaign execution.  
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23 Mar Marketing and Communications During COVID-19

There’s no question that we are in an unprecedented time of worldwide uncertainty with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation continues to evolve and news continues to unfold, businesses and individuals all over the world are being impacted in some form. Over the past few weeks, marketing and communication professionals, like everyone else, have been quickly adapting their strategies to the evolving needs of brands and consumers. Although we’re still learning as we go, here are a few recommendations from MCG to help guide you and your customers through this period of uncertainty. 
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Chance the Rapper

29 Dec MCG 2017 Favorites: Rose Gold, Chance the Rapper, and MoonPie

To commemorate one of the most unforgettable years for our team, we've decided to reminisce on all the people, places, and things that inspired us in 2017. From beautiful vacation spots to Twitter accounts that made us chuckle, these were the tangible and intangible things that fed our creativity and kept us going day in and day out. Check out all of our 2017 favorites below! 
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Fiona the Hippo

30 Nov MCG November Favorites: Fancy Briefcases, Falafel, and Fiona the Hippo

Thanksgiving is over, but at MCG, we're still contemplating all the things we're grateful for this year. Of course, we appreciate our good health, our loving families, and our wonderful colleagues. But we're also thankful for simpler pleasures like fine leather goods, delicious local fare, and yes, a certain baby hippo named Fiona. So grab a mug of hot cider and find a cozy reading nook. Here are our November #monthlyfaves.  
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