Asset Planning Corporation

  • Identity Development
  • Tagline Development
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Website Development
  • Photography


Founded in 1975, Asset Planning Corporation is not only one of the oldest independent financial planning firms in the country, their founder helped to shape the entire industry. APC came to MCG with a desire to simplify their brand and web presence and to develop new collateral to highlight a new and fresher brand positioning.


As a company in an industry that generates a good deal of reports on both paper and electronic form, we created a new brand system that places their corporate stationery front and center in client meetings. Using designs that include big reveals, we crafted an experience for their clients that helps them to see how positive financial changes could be around the corner. Different printing techniques such as die cuts and edge printing allow Asset Planning’s materials to stand out when compared to their competition. To help make their online presence work harder to generate leads, we simplified their website. By removing excess content and focusing on the user experience (UI), we created a website that allows potential clients to get the firm’s key information easily and effectively.