Marketing Buzzword Predictions for 2017


23 Nov Marketing Buzzword Predictions for 2017

Since our marketing buzzword lists have become an annual tradition here, we decided to keep the ball rolling. We have compiled another list to predict the top marketing buzzwords that will be used in the upcoming year. Some may become annoying while others may just make it sound like you know what you’re talking about. Either way, with the help of B2CDMNews and AdAge, we wanted to make sure that you stay ahead of the trends. Check out the buzzwords that we predict will be the most popular in 2017.

  1. Crowdculture: The new force that describes how digital crowds are driving modern culture. This concept is rewriting the rules of branding and isn’t coming to a halt any time soon.
  2. Value Exchange: The question that consumers have always wondered is still being asked: “What’s in it for me?” Advertisers answered it with traditional media, but now with the consumer’s desire for ad-free and cost-free digital content, advertisers need to find a new answer.
  3. Purpose: It’s not just a requirement for the content anymore. Agencies are going to continue to find companies’ core purposes so that their marketing efforts can be focused around this.
  4. Gamification: Across every industry, all organizations are trying to get their audience involved and interacting with their brand in a public way. “Gamification” is the process of turning social interactions into a game, so that the audience feels more rewarded. This can include giving out prizes, discounts or cool merchandise to the most active followers.
  5. Millennial: Not new, but still being used way too much. This word, along with all other generation descriptions are overused and ineffective in describing the audience that your target wants to target.
  6. Influencer: Social media’s presence has brought a huge demand for influencers. Using a representative of the target market to sell a product isn’t that new but is still being used heavily by agencies.
  7. Organic: This is not the type of lunch that the hip marketers are eating, but the way in which audiences receive content. Agencies use this term as a way for clients to reach their target without any paid-for intervention.
  8. Innovative: Innovative means to introduce something new for the first time. Agencies are constantly saying that their idea is innovative, but that’s pretty difficult to achieve. Maybe the idea is new for the client, but rarely is it a new concept.
  9. Optimize: Agencies use this word but they forget to explain its meaning. They say that they will optimize a website, blog post, or social media posts, but they don’t explain how this will be done.
  10. Growth Hacking: This is the process of identifying the best, most efficient ways to grow a business. However, isn’t everyone trying to grow their businesses? There’s no reason to use a buzzword when talking about this. Just call it “marketing.”
  11. Brand Essence
  12. Leverage
  13. Innovation
  14. Functionality
  15. Gamification
  16. Convergence
  17. Curate
  18. User Experience
  19. Intimacy
  20. Engagement
  21. Utilization
  22. Wearables
  23. Super Fans
  24. Hacking
  25. Scalability
  26. Artisan
  27. Brand Experience
  28. Story Telling
  29. Amplify
  30. Authenticity
  31. Synergy
  32. Buzz
  33. Deep Dive
  34. Transparency
  35. Authenticity
  36. Context
  37. Action Items
  38. Same Page
  39. Out of the Box
  40. Creative Thinking
  41. Brand Story
  42. POV
  43. Low-Hanging Fruit
  44. Regroup
  45. Decentralized
  46. Datafication
  47. Social Media Guru
  48. Funnel
  49. Purchase Path
  50. Customer Journey