30 Aug Image Matters Announces #GetMeToNeyland Social Media Contest

Snapping selfies with the office copier will land lucky winners inside Neyland Stadium Knoxville, TN—August 29, 2016: Image Matters, Knoxville’s leading business technology and service provider, announced today a contest series awarding winners two (2) tickets to each University of Tennessee home football game this season. Beginning Monday, August 29, Image Matters’ followers are invited to enter the social media contest #GetMeToNeyland. “Everyone here at Image Matters is very excited that it’s football time in Tennessee again,” said Image Matters co-owner Bob Lovelace. “We all enjoy the games so much that we wanted to give some lucky folks an opportunity to get to Neyland this year,” added co-owner J.D. Sullivan.
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Olympics Commercial

27 Jul P&G Olympics Commercial Has Us Tearing Up

Thank You, Mom Procter & Gamble hopes to be known as the "Proud Sponsor of Moms,” and this commercial for the 2016 Summer Olympics has us a little teary-eyed. Procter & Gamble is the parent company of many well-known brands such as Pampers, Tide, Oral-B and many others used...

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12 Jul 3 Keys for Leveraging Analytics to Drive Marketing

Marketing Analytics

No one likes to see money go to waste. But it’s especially hard to watch companies blowing budgets on outdated or misguided digital marketing strategies. Marketing budgets typically don’t come with very much wiggle room, so its essential to get the most bang for your buck on every dollar spent.

So what does that mean? It means digital metrics are your best friend from this point forward. So to help you maximize the efficiency of your marketing strategy, we’ve put together these three keys to driving your marketing efforts with analytics.

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24 Jun A Snapchat is Worth 1000 Words



But First...Let Me Take A Selfie

The selfie craze has been taking over the internet as well as the attention of the millennial generation. With a rise in a new trend, comes a rise in the creativity needed for advertisers to incorporate that trend into their messaging. The most successful company to date to leverage this trend to their advantage is Snapchat. For those who have been living under a rock for this past year, Snapchat is the reason why you can look around in any public place (ei: bus, waiting rooms, coffee shops etc...), and notice that 80% of young people are making faces at their phone.

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17 Jun JetBlue: #WeStandWithOrlando

JetBlue’s Heroic Response to Tragedy This past weekend, a horrible tragedy struck our nation. A mass shooting occurred in Orlando, Florida inside the nightclub "Pulse.” This horrific event ended the lives of 50, injured 53, and forever changed the lives of countless family and friends. This shooting is reported...

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09 Jun Is Advertising on Social Media Right For Me?

Social Media Ads

Social media has exploded and is all around us now. Advertising on the networks that hundreds of millions of people use every day has followed suit, and has turned into big business in the process. It has quickly become an $8.4 billion market, and some projections estimate that over $14 billion per year will be spent on social ads by 2018. These numbers are projected to rise because the average person is spending over six hours per day online, and almost 2 hours of that is on social media.

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Inbound MArketing

23 Mar An Introduction to Inbound Marketing

The missing piece to your digital marketing puzzle It’s easy to get lost in the vast world of digital marketing. A lot of the time, it’s hard enough just figuring out where to start promoting your business online. And without a definitive plan to guide you...

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