financial agent buyer personas

21 May Defining Marketing Buyer Personas for Your Community Bank

When it comes to choosing a bank, we all want safety, stability, and support. But at varying stages of life, those terms mean something different to everyone. For a parent, financial stability means the ability to open a college savings fund for their child. To a young married couple, it might mean securing a low mortgage interest rate. To a business owner, stability means access to low-risk investment options. And for millennials, stability depends on flexibility. Institutions that offer easy, on-the-go banking via mobile app will have a distinct advantage with this demographic. Behind every checking account, there is a person. And if you can unpack that person's concerns and motivations, you can earn their loyalty and trust as a customer. In marketing, we call this process "buyer persona development." We begin by profiling customers based on their shared traits and objectives. Then, we use those profiles to create effective, personalized marketing campaigns for your business.
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Kacey Musgraves

02 Apr March Favorites: Kacey Musgraves, Atlanta, and Natural Skincare

Spring is the season of renewal – the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the sun is *finally* shining after a long and unusually stormy winter. To help you find your springtime state of mind, we've curated a fresh crop of monthly favorites. From soothing skincare products to slow jams, these recommendations are sure to revive your weary spirit. 
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Queer Eye

28 Feb February Favorites: Queer Eye, Ice Skating, and The Wombats

February was a wild month at MCG. Winter (somehow) turned to spring and we even won a few Addy awards. Although most of us spent the month screaming about Mirai Nagasu's historic triple axel at the 2018 Winter Olympics, we still want to highlight some of our other February favorites. Hopefully, something on this list will relieve your post-closing ceremony boredom. 
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02 Feb MCG January Favorites: Versace, Saoirse Ronan, and Hummus

January was a long month. We felt it, you felt it, and everyone on Twitter felt it, too. But it wasn’t all cold weather and government shutdowns. There were a few things that made this month a little brighter – new music, tasty snacks, leather phone cases, and more. So peel off your winter coat and settle in. Our January favorites have arrived. 
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Chance the Rapper

29 Dec MCG 2017 Favorites: Rose Gold, Chance the Rapper, and MoonPie

To commemorate one of the most unforgettable years for our team, we've decided to reminisce on all the people, places, and things that inspired us in 2017. From beautiful vacation spots to Twitter accounts that made us chuckle, these were the tangible and intangible things that fed our creativity and kept us going day in and day out. Check out all of our 2017 favorites below! 
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