For more than 23 years, MCG has planned and carried out high-impact marketing communications programs for clients nationwide.

  • Excellence in everything we do, all the time
  • Deliver value and heart every day
  • Have a heck of a lot of fun

MCG is a marketing firm enhanced by a network of writers, editors, graphic designers, website designers, video producers, and others we can call upon for a client’s particular program. We bring only the talent to the table a project requires, without loading up our fees with overhead.

The Company

We are an award-winning full-service marketing firm that can help you with communications program planning, strategic branding, publications, video production, website development, social media, advertising, public relations, and more.

To illustrate the different kinds of problems we have solved, we have featured selected examples of successful marketing communications programs we have carried out and the results we delivered. Clients can be confident that we will have a real impact on their metrics, whether they seek greater market share, revenues, profits, or other measures of success.

Our History

Most new businesses don’t survive for five years—our firm was established back in 1991 by principal Chuck Morris, and we are about to celebrate 25 years of delivering insight, imagination, and ideas to scores of clients. MCG is still going strong after all these years because of our focus on creative excellence, strategic integrity, and client service.

We doubt you want to read a blow-by-blow history of the company, however. What you really need to know is that we are an established, stable firm that has succeeded by putting our clients first and delivering work that is smart, creative, and effective. The best way to get to know us is to set up a no-obligation consultation. Just click Let’s Talk, and we will be in touch.



“People build buildings, then buildings build people.”

Our Offices

There is an old saying: “People build buildings, then buildings build people.” Our new space in the historic Southeastern Glass Building in downtown Knoxville is a place of energetic excellence, renewed creativity, focused business, and a lot of fun. You are invited to drop by any time to meet our team of talented marketers. Walk-ins welcome: Sherrie will greet you and direct you to the right person for what you need.

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