Cupcakes in the Park




Our friends at Child & Family Tennessee needed help branding a new downtown event, which would act as a fundraiser for their Kent C. Withers Family Crisis Center. They decided on Cupcakes in the Park, a cupcake competition that would bring professional bakers, frosted-treat enthusiasts and anyone with a sweet tooth together for a good cause. But, with 2012 being the festival’s inaugural year, we needed to create a lively identity and promotional materials to draw the public—and quickly.


To capture the whimsy of cupcakes and the friendly nature of this competition, we used a typeface with a hand-drawn quality paired with a sturdy sans-serif. Placing the words on a park bench and adding a dollop of frosting on top, the identity became fresh and joyful. We carried out those qualities across promotional materials, outdoor banners and a website with bursts of blues and pinks.


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