19 Nov Meet Our New Intern: Sarah Ruff

Sarah Ruff, Marketing and Communications Intern Sarah Ruff was born and raised in Johnson City, Tennessee. She graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a bachelor’s in communications and majored in public relations. Sarah pursued PR because it combines her desire to work with...

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16 Nov 10 Snarky But True Comments About Brand Updates

Brand Updates are all the rage right now. With so many companies racing to promote themselves through an updated identity, websites like Brand New review redesigns and new designs of well known products and companies. While some users go to these websites to see design trends and keep up with the industry, others troll the comment section to try out new stand-up material or pick slap-fights with other designers. So, to honor these sarcastic and spiteful wordsmiths, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite comments on recent brand updates.

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26 Aug 6 Tips for Blogging in the Financial Industry

Blogging. It’s the hot topic these days no matter what industry you’re in, and rightfully so. Based on 2015 data from the inbound marketing platform Hubspot, companies that blog attract 55% more visitors, and get 67% more leads than those that don’t. While data suggests that publishing over 16 blog posts per month can increase web traffic by 3.5 times, even posting 1-2 blogs per week can boost traffic by up to 50%.
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03 Jun 10 SEO Mistakes To Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign

Website redesign and improvement is a major part of any modern company’s strategy to reach a wider audience, generate more leads, and conduct more business. While many companies shift their attention to their website’s aesthetic aspects in order to become more user-friendly, there are less-glamorous facets of improving your website. A lot of emphasis has been placed on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) over the past few years. Although the way SEO is approached is constantly changing, it remains an integral part of attracting customers to your business. After all, your company’s website may blow your competitors out of the water, but if no one can find your website, it doesn’t matter.
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29 May The New Faces of MCG!

  Kellie Ward, Director of Client Service After designing with MCG for four years, Kellie has a new role. As Director of Client Service, she will be the contact for all accounts. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Kellie is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville....

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25 Mar Why Cost-Per-Customer Is The Most Important Marketing Metric.

Do you ever wonder how much your company is putting in to acquire a new customer? Whether you are checking website visits, how many people your latest Facebook post reached, or how high your click-through rates are, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) will help you better understand just how effective your marketing is. CAC estimates how much you are actually spending to acquire each new customer and is the foundation to more equations that are vital to growing your company.
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29 Jan MCG Interns Take New York City

"The City That Never Sleeps," "The Empire City," "The Big Apple," or however you refer to this great city, New York was taken over by UT Advertising students last week, two of those being MCG's very own interns, myself and Krista Gilbert. I had been to The City more times than I could count, but this trip was a little different from the rest. We had time to be tourists and MAYBE make a dent in the many attractions New York holds.
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28 Jan What’s the Buzz on the Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

After last year's ads, Axe's "Make Love, Not War" and Microsoft's illustration of the power of technology that was focused on Steven Gleason (a former NFL player living with Lou Gehrig's disease) that touched the hearts of millions, expectations are high for this year’s ads. This year, a 30-second spot is an eye-popping $4 million while a 60-second spot goes for a jaw-dropping $8 million, so advertisers put in a lot of hard work for the seconds they get on the air. Loctite will be making their Super Bowl debut and putting their entire budget into one Super Bowl ad for the year of 2015 instead of the three national TV ads they did in 2014. Companies are seeing the short and longterm benefits of this investment and jumping in.
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