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24 Aug Brand Focus: 4 Marketing Lessons We Learned From Netflix

Twenty years ago, Silicon Valley gave birth to another service that revolutionized our practices and gave us new obsessions. Netflix, the iconic streaming platform, forever changed how we consume movies and TV shows. In 1997, Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, and business partner Mark Rudolph founded Netflix as an online DVD rental service. Two decades later, Netflix has emerged as the most subscribed online streaming channel and now serves an impressive 190 countries.   
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30 Jun Seniors Love Twitter, Too!

Grandmas don't tweet — at least, that's what most marketers assume. However, new research suggests the digital tide is starting to turn for American seniors. In fact, their online engagement has skyrocketed across all platforms in the last few years.
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20 Jun Who Are These Digital Moms?

For marketers, mothers represent a very familiar buyer persona. It's no secret moms spend more time online than any other internet user population. But what kind of opportunities are there for a business to market to digital moms?  
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09 Feb 3 Tools to Supercharge Your Marketing in 2017

The marketing and advertising landscape in today’s digital world is very different than it once was. Ratings and circulation no longer reign as king—now it’s all about page views, engagement, and conversions. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means new tactics and forms of media such as blogs and social networks have evolved into sustainable marketing strategies.
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how to hashtag

15 Feb How To Use The Hashtag

When did the pound symbol develop another use or meaning? Since social media has taken our society by storm, there is another way to keep up and track common themes and ideas when using social networking sites. The hashtag (#) was made famous by Twitter,...

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